Flexible Schedule Cleaning Position:

Daily Cleaning: Empty trash receptacles. Sweep/vacuum entrances, lobbies, and corridors. Spot sweep floors and spot vacuum carpets. Completely sweep and/or vacuum carpets daily if necessary due to heavy producer traffic in the bank. Clean drinking fountains. Sanitize public areas and door handles.  Sweep and damp mop or scrub restrooms. Clean all restroom fixtures and replenish restroom supplies. Dispose of all trash and garbage generated in and outside the building. Dust horizontal surfaces that are readily available and require dusting. Spray buff resilient floors in main corridors, entrances, and lobbies. Remove carpet stains. Clean glass entry doors to the space.

Weekly Cleaning: Complete sweep and/or vacuum carpets. Damp mop and spray buff all resilient floors in corridors, entrances, restrooms, and lobbies.  

For more information Contact Kayla Litsey (701) 288-3491

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