“Far across our wide frontiers, a ghostly pageant winds; the way is worn by trains of pioneers Along the Trails of Yesterday”.

Nina Farley Wishek

McIntosh County Bank of Ashley, North Dakota was organized September 15, 1911 as the Farmers State Bank of Danzig, North Dakota.  By 1913, controlling stock was acquired by J.H. Wishek and Peter Billigmeier.  At that time, Danzig was a thriving community with two grocery stores, meat market, lumber yard, hardware store, John Deere implement business, bank and insurance business, and two grain elevators.  Farmers State Bank grew to over $125,000 in deposits in its hey days.

During the 1930’s Danzig suffered materially, losing many business enterprises to where only the grain elevators and bank remained.  Farmers State Bank deposits had decreased to less than $25,000.   Subsequently, the stockholders of Farmers State Bank began a search to relocate to a thriving community. 

In 1934, Farmers State Bank was granted permission to relocate to Zeeland, North Dakota, and changed their corporate name to Farmers State Bank of Zeeland.  In 1940, the stockholders changed the name of the bank to McIntosh County Bank, deciding a more regional name would benefit the bank.  Also in 1940, the main office was relocated to the city of Ashley, North Dakota.  Zeeland was retained as a branch office, as it remains today. 

In 1981, stockholders wanted to position themselves for growth outside of McIntosh County, and formed McIntosh County Bank Holding Company.  In 2002, the stockholders of the Bank Holding Company approved the purchase of one-third ownership interest in the North Star Holding Company, owner of Stutsman County State Bank in Jamestown, North Dakota.   A name change ensued, and the bank is presently known as Unison Bank.

McIntosh County Bank began building an insurance agency in 1986, and over the course of several years acquired the agencies previously owned by Eddie Kramer, William Meidinger and Ashley Realty.  McIntosh County Bank also started a discount brokerage service, and in 1995, expanded into a full service brokerage business, partnering with Cetera Investment Services.

McIntosh County Bank has been guided in its legacy of excellent customer service and dedication to its territory by ten Presidents: George Gackle, Peter Billigmeier, John H. Wishek, Max A. Wishek Sr., Gottlieb Kessel, Gail Hernett, F.F. Bender, Max A. Wishek Jr., Lowell D. Overbo and current President & CEO, Robert F Wishek.

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